World Championship 15km Skate

I had a career best result yesterday with a 15th place in the 15km skate individual start at the World Championships here in Val di Fiemme, Italy. Since the pursuit race on Sunday I have refocused on recovery. I have been “stingy” with my energy. I have focused on going to bed early, taking naps, eating a healthy diet and hydrating. In yesterday’s race I felt much better than I did in the pursuit race. Yesterday I also did a good job of following my plan. I started the race relaxed and under control. I had the 38th fastest time up the hill (the first five minutes of the course) on the first lap. I was 30th after one lap, 20th after two and 15th after three. My split up the hill on the final lap was the fourth fastest. This race reemphasizes how important pacing is to a good race.

Also, looking at the start list before the race, I was pretty sure former World Cup overall winner Lukas Bauer was going to start soon after I lapped through after one lap. It worked out well, and he caught me with one lap to go. I was able to follow him for the entire last lap at a pace that was faster than I was skiing alone.

My teammate Tad Elliott also had a season best result in 34th.

I am now looking forward to tomorrow’s relay race. Andy Newell will ski the lead-off leg (classic) for us, Kris Freeman will ski the second leg (classic), I will ski third (skate) and Tad will ski the anchor leg (skate).

I didn’t get any pictures from yesterday, but the U.S. Ski Team did put this video together of me talking about my diet here at World Champs:

6 thoughts on “World Championship 15km Skate

  1. Well Done Noah!
    You were faster than a lot of “big” names like Legkov, Hellner, Bauer and Manificat. Must be nice. The US ski team is so impressive this season. Hopefully you guys will do a fine work on todays relay. GOOD LUCK!

  2. Awesome result! Really inspiring for the Bill Koch-ers in my house! They saw you training at Craftsbury in December and they have been following your results all season. Good luck today!

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