Women’s Relay

Yesterday I took a really relaxing morning. I watched the women’s 4 by 5km relay on T.V. The girls, Sadie Bjornsen, Kikkan Randall, Liz Stephen and Jessie Diggins were trying to become the first team from the U.S. to win a championship (World Championship or Olympic) medal in a relay. They put together four solid legs but fell just short of the podium. They finished fourth, a great race. It was very exciting to watch.

I headed down to the venue for a ski after the race. I skied with my technique coach Zach Caldwell. Zach likes to cut my workouts off when he thinks I don’t need any more skiing. Yesterday we set a new record for shortest ski. We were on snow for thirteen minutes.

There are lots of signs that the championships are starting to wind down. Jason Cork was putting Jessie Diggins skate skis away in the cargo van after yesterday’s race:

Jason Cork PAcking Jessie Diggin's skis

Many of my teammates, Kikkan, Holly Brooks, Sadie and Simi Hamilton are done racing for the week.

It’s also starting to feel like spring! The parking lot at the wax cabins is messy.

Muddy World Champs

And the Swedes are barbecuing and drinking beer outside their wax truck.

Sweden Barbecue at World Champs

Here’s Kikkan post race (the girls always face-paint for relays):

Kikkan Randall World Champs Relay

I was at the venue in the afternoon during the Nordic Combined race. It’s a fun scene there during a race:

Nordic Combined Individual Large Hill

Here is race winner Eric Frenzel:

Germany's Eric Frenzel

And a distant view of him crossing the finish line:

Nordic Combined Individual Large Hill World Championship Finish

The snow was wet. It was definitely a klister day:

World Champs Klister Skiing

It is supposed to stay sunny and warm for the rest of the championships. As soon as the races are over the venue empties quickly:

2013 Nordic World Champiohships

The girls headed out for a pizza dinner last night. The hotel was quiet without them around!

Girls' Pizza Party

This morning, in the local paper, there is a picture of Sadie in the finish pen yesterday half naked. We have no idea what the article is about, but I’m very intrigued.

Sadie Bjornsen Half Naked Local Paper

This afternoon is the men’s 4 by 10km relay. I’ll ski the third leg. The race starts at 1:30 p.m. CET (5:30 a.m. Mountain Time).