Women’s Olympic 10K

The women’s Olympic 10K individual start just finished, and it was one of the most exciting individual start races that I have ever seen. On the 5 Kilometer course, Norwegian Ragnhild Haga skied an amazingly fast second lap. After the first lap she was 3 seconds behind Sweden’s Charlotte Kalla. She won by 20 seconds! Charlotte held on for second place, but the real battle was between Norwegian Marit Bjørgen, Finland’s Krista Parmakoski and American Jessie Diggins for the bronze medal. At the 8.4K split, with exactly a mile left to race, Jessie was in third, 1.8 seconds ahead of Bjørgen and 5 seconds ahead of Parmakoski. Jessie is one of the best closers in the sport, and my teammates and I thought she was going to do it. Bjørgen and Parmakoski started and finished before Jessie. Parmakoski came across the finish line in an exact tie with Bjørgen. So Jessie was either going to get 3rd or 5th. On TV they showed the final 2 minutes of Jessie’s race, and we were screaming like crazy. Near the top of the last hill her legs stiffened and she was visibly hurting. Coming into the final stretch it was clear that she was going to just miss out. She finished 5th, just 3.3 seconds slower than Bjørgen and Parmakoski. So close!

Although she didn’t get a medal today, Jessie fought like crazy, and I am proud to be her teammate. She is an amazing skier and athlete. Today’s result is very impressive. It is just a matter of time before she gets that medal. Her next opportunity will be on Saturday in the women’s 4x5K relay, and I can’t wait to watch.

Life has been pretty chill in the men’s condo. I played a game of Euchre last night with Paddy Caldwell (left), Scott Patterson (center) and Erik Bjornsen. Andy Newell (standing) was hanging out too.

Afterwards I watched some Olympic events in the Athlete Lounge. Some school children from Colorado Springs made Valentine’s Day cards for all of us Olympic Athletes. It was very fun to look through them!

Here is a sample one.

This morning I got a massage before going out for a ski. Erik was chilling on the bus.

We skied together. Check out the blimp in the background.

Andy Newell (left) skied with us too.

Erik tried out some crust skiing.

I think his verdict was that it wasn’t great.

Ida Sargent was out for a ski as well.

It was a popular time to train. The bus was quite full coming back to the Village.

There was a cheerleading squad performing in the Village Plaza this afternoon.

It was an absolutely perfect day, warm and sunny and the flags were hanging still.

We had a watching party in our apartment for the women’s race.

Tomorrow I get my second chance to race! I’m excited. During my pre-race intensity today, I didn’t feel great for the first several minutes but felt much better at the end. I have simple technique cues to focus on during tomorrow’s race. My goal is to execute those cues and not to worry about the result.

The individual start 15K race starts at 3p.m. Korean Time, 1a.m. Eastern Time and 11p.m. on Thursday Mountain Time. Here’s how you can watch:

ON TV NBCSN – 2:40am EST and 11:00pm EST
3:00pm EST – 5:00pm EST