Early this morning I drove to Vail for a three day training camp with my Team Homegrown/Ski and Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) Team. It’s great to be here with a bunch of great up-and-coming athletes. This morning we did 4 by 12 minutes classic threshold (a pace you can sustain for at least an hour) intervals. Then my teammate Tad Elliott and coach Dan Weiland got some good screen-time in the middle of the day (I did too.)

In the afternoon we trained at the aptly named SSCV strength room:

It was fun to have a big group of motivated skiers training together.

On the front of the strength building, SSCV has life-size cutouts of all their athletes on the USST.

There are a lot.

And a few more.

This is one of the greatest ski clubs in the country and I’m honored to be apart of it.