UK Anti-Doping Athlete Commission Letter to WADA President

Next week the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will vote on whether to reinstate the Russian Federation as “Fully Compliant” in world sport. Russia has been non-compliant following the release of investigative findings relating to the state-sponsored doping program at the Sochi Olympics.

I fully support and endorse the position of the UK Anti-Doping Athlete Commission outlined in the following letter to the WADA president.

Dear Sir Craig Reedie, WADA President,

On behalf of the UK Anti-Doping Athlete Commission, and fellow international athletes, we write to you to insist you and the WADA Executive Committee vote to maintain WADA’s current position on the reinstatement of Russia.

Two of the conditions directed by the Russia Roadmap have not yet been met, and to readmit them despite this would be a catastrophe for clean sport. We play our sports by the rules, and we expect the institutions that govern us, and which are there to protect us and our competition, to play by the rules too.

The Roadmap clearly outlines what Russia must do to be allowed back. To ignore these conditions, ignores the wishes of the athletes you are there to protect. Athletes will no longer have faith in the system. It will undermine trust in the essence of fair play on which sport is formed.

We, the athletes, insist you hold the line on the Roadmap.

Do not U-turn.

Do not fail Clean Sport.

The Athletes of UK Anti-Doping Athlete Commission:
Sarah Winckless
Callum Skinner
Ali Jawad
Laura Deas
Andrew Heyes
Andrew Triggs Hodge
Emma Wiggs
Jo Calvino
Liam Tancock
James Hudson
Bernice Wilson
Vicki Aggar Chair of the British Athletes Commission