Training Specifics

I don’t have any new pictures since my post on Monday. My training is and will continue to be simple and repetitive this summer, so I don’t have and won’t have cool pictures from adventures. Almost all of my training is done either in the house (for strength or SkiErging) or beginning from the door, so I’m only roller skiing, running and biking on the roads and trails in the immediate Park City area. Luckily, there are tons of single track trails all around the town and numerous (at least 100 miles) of roller ski loops that can be combined in different ways. Keeping my training simple and eliminating any time spent commuting has allowed me to increase the amount of time spent recovering between sessions and in the evening before bed. I believe this simple schedule will allow me to handle the increased training load that I described in Monday’s post.

In my planning this spring, I outlined my “perfect training day”. Of course, I am not a robot and I rarely have a day that even resembles this schedule, but this gives me an outline to strive towards.

  • 6am Alarm
  • 6:20am Light Breakfast
  • 6:45am Mobility then Strength
  • 8am Full Breakfast
  • 8:30am Morning Workout
  • 11:30am Cool Down Stretches
  • 12pm Lunch
  • 1pm Nap
  • 3:30pm Afternoon Meal
  • 4:30pm Afternoon Workout
  • 6:30pm Cool Down Stretches
  • 7:30pm Dinner
  • 9pm Electronics Off
  • 9:30pm Night Snack then Bed
  • 10pm Sleeping

I mentioned in my post on Monday that many of the additional hours that I will train this year will come from elimination “junk” days. Here’s a look at all of my low training days over the 2015-16 training year:

  • 2015-16 (April 1-March 31)
    • Total Hours
      • 678
    • Missed, Compromised or Scheduled as Low Training Days
      • Off days in April: 25
      • Scheduled Off days for training (Summer and Winter): 15
      • Off Days or shortened Days due to “vacations” (Maggie’s wedding, fall desert trip, Quebec City and Davos “Break”): 11
      • Off Days or Compromised Training Days due to Travel: 36
      • Off days due to illness, injury or medical procedure: 1
      • Shortened training days due to technique work: 19
      • Days Limited to about an hour a day of training for posture project: 30
    • Total Days limited or off for all above reasons: 137 (37% of all days in the year)

So far the increased training load has gone well. I did not take a big break in April. Since April 1st I have trained 220 hours. My coaches and I have set the maximum number of hours for any two week block at 53, and I will be doing 53 hour two week blocks consecutively throughout the summer. Here is how the 53 hour blocks breakdown in terms of total number of training hours in each day. Again, I am not a robot and very few blocks will match this exactly, but this is the model we’re following:

  • Day 1: 5
  • Day 2: 5
  • Day 3: 5
  • Day 4: 2
  • Day 5: 5
  • Day 6: 5
  • Day 7: 5
  • Day 8: 2
  • Day 9: 5
  • Day 10: 5
  • Day 11: 5
  • Day 12: 2
  • Day 13: 0
  • Day 14: 2

I’ll try to have more interesting stories and a few pictures next time I post. My apologies for the very dry post.