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I secretly want to be a 5,000 and 10,000 meter runner. Every year my coach allows me to do one track workout to indulge my fantasies but also probably to remind me that I am not even close to fast enough to be a runner. Today was that workout. On Thursday morning I’m running a 5 kilometer road race here in Park City, so today was a little tune-up for that race. It may be my only running race of the year. My coach allowed me to plan today’s workout based on pace instead of heart rate, the same way a runner plans his workouts. Unfortunately I am full of myself and thought I could run faster than I can.

The workout I wanted to do was a 1600 meter warm-up interval in 5:15 followed by four 800s in 2:15. Here’s what I actually did:

  • 1600 in 5:13 with an average heart rate (HR) of 158 and a max HR of 168
  • 1st 800 in 2:19 with an average HR of 163 and a max HR of 178
  • 2nd 800 in 2:23 with an average HR of 160 and a max HR of 180
  • 3rd 800 in 2:26 with an average HR of 162 and a max HR of 180
  • 4th 800 in 2:23 with an average HR of 162 and a max HR of 183

It’s hard for me to be disappointed with the session. In reality I’m just laughing at myself for thinking I could repeat 2:15s. I haven’t done any fast running, no threshold running or speeds, since last summer.

I was joined at the track by my teammate Liz Stephen, women’s coach Matt Whitcomb, strength and conditioning coach Alex Moore, moguls skier Eliza Outtrim and Alex’s intern Curry (I’m not sure how to spell her name). It was really fun to have us all out there doing different sessions. Here’s Matt (with his back to the camera), Alex and Eliza:

Matt Whitcomb, Alex Moore and Eliza Outtrim at Track

The high school cheerleading team was practicing in the middle of the field. It was quite entertaining.

South Summit Cheerleaders

Liz’s workout included one 800, several 400s and several 200s. Eliza, Curry and Alex were doing 300s, 200s and 100s. Here’s Curry:

Alex Moore's Intern Curry Running

I over-scheduled myself today. I went straight from the track to a tennis match with World and Olympic Champion alpine skier Ted Ligety.

Ted Ligety Tennis Court

It was my first tennis match of the year (after hitting for a short time on Sunday with Alex). I was super rusty. I lost the first set 6-1 in embarrassing fashion. I wasn’t going for my shots. I played a better second set with Ted winning 7-6, prevailing in a long tiebreak (14-12). Ted is super nice, and I enjoy playing with him.

I went straight from tennis to the Center of Excellence for physical therapy followed by strength. The strength session was compromised because I did not have enough (or any really) rest in the middle of the day. I need to be better about getting down time.

This evening Matt came over to the Adam’s (the family I live with’s) house along with two other friends, slopestyle skier Emilia Wint and alpine skier Nolan Kasper. We had delicious ┬áburgers.

Delicious Hamburger

I had a great evening.

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