The Today Show

I’m composing this blog first thing in the morning since I have some content. I’d love to blog first thing for the rest of the Olympics, so I can use my afternoons to prioritize recovery and napping in preparation for the 50K. (I’m still not guaranteed a start in the 50K, but I’m going to prepare as well as possible in hopes that I will get one.)

In case we haven’t gotten enough stuff at these Olympics, more items keep trickling in. Yesterday we each received official certificates of participation as well as participation medals.

I have to admit that receiving a participation medal feels a little juvenile, but I know that it is an honor to be here. We also each got gloves.

For the duration of the Olympics, NBC, the US broadcasting rights holder for the games, moved the production of their flagship morning show, The Today Show, to Korea. Each evening in Korea, morning in the States, they have athletes on set as part of the live show. Each of us athletes have basically had an open invitation to go on set. We have received numerous emails throughout the Games asking us to attend. Because I am not racing again until Saturday at the earliest, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity last night.

I was joined by three other “Mountain Village” athletes, aerialists Maddy Olsen and Jon Lillis and Slopestyle skier Alex Hall. NBC made the trip super easy by picking us up in a van and driving us straight to the set.

Once we got there, we had a long time to wait in “the Green Room”. Other athletes were there as well including slopestyle skiers Nick Goepper, Gus Kenworthy and Devin Logan and figure skater Adam Rippon . We were also joined by singer Rachel Platten and her band. The space was tight but comfortable, and there were lots of snacks and drinks for us.

Rippon was showing off his bronze medal from Team Figure Skating, which was cool.

The producers of the show as well as media people from US Ski and Snowboard and the US Olympic Committee were taking head shots and doing interviews with us. Here’s Goepper getting photographed.

I love entertainment production, and it was an absolute blast for me to see the set and watch the production.

Platten and band played live on the show.

Of course, I am not a big name athlete. I was interviewed for some of the local Colorado NBC affiliates, but my role was very minor; I am totally fine with that.

My favorite part of the evening was meeting so many successful people. To a T, they were outgoing and incredibly generous with their time. Here’s Rippon sharing his medal with a young man.

It was super interesting to watch Platten (in silver pants) get ready for her show.

Of course, I also enjoyed spending time with Alex and Maddy, who also didn’t have large roles in the show.

The Today Show cast were also unfailingly nice and engaging to meet.

Alex, Maddy and I got a shot with Al Roker.

It is amazing how the whole production is segmented and staged but also has to be exact for a live show.

I got to talk to the stage manager, which was a thrill for me. That is a job I would love!

Alex, Maddy and I got a group shot with Platten (far right) and her band.

Here’s Maddy with backup singer D.A. Knightly.

The set is partially indoors and partially out.

The cast is constantly moving in and out.

It was fun to inspect the set when it wasn’t in use.

I was definitely creeping on their notes.

One of the producers saw us and offered to take a picture of me, Maddy and Alex at the desk.

They had us sign a poster as we were leaving.

And they gave us a souvenir hat.

Here’s one final picture of us with most of The Today Show cast.

It was an amazing adventure, and I’m so glad I went!