Sochi Training

The clouds cleared a bit yesterday afternoon.

Village and Sun

The mountains around here are sweet. They go over 10,500′ (3200 meters) which is impressive considering they start at the Black Sea.

Sochi Mountains

There were better views with some blue skies this morning. Here’s Simi Hamilton:

Simi Hamilton in Sochi Mountains

From the venue you can look across the valley at the Olympic half pipe and alpine slopes:

Sochi Half Pipe

Last night, coming out of one of the numerous construction sites around the venue was a full size Chevy 4×4. This is an amazing site on this side of the Atlantic.

Russian Chevy 4x4

I couldn’t fall asleep last night because of a combination of time change and nerves about the races. I went for a walk between midnight and 1 a.m. There was a ton of¬†machinery¬†operating at that hour. They work hard around here. I took this picture of the biggest project this morning.

Big Hotel Construction

On my walk last night I felt very trapped. The athletes’ village is surrounded by a huge fence with cameras watching every inch of it.

Sochi Security Camera

It’s not entirely clear whether the fence is to keep us in or others out.

Sochi Fence

The food here is interesting but good. For dinner last night they had salmon wrapped with creme cheese and crepes. It was awesome!

Crepe Wrapped Salmon

There’s a lot of food that is challenging to identify. Here’s Sim with his plate:

Simi Hamilton with Food

When you’re sick around here, nobody wants to be around you. Kikkan Randall is sick this week. Here she is sitting at her own table at dinner last night having a conversation with her wax tech Peter Johansson from a table away:

Kikkan Randall Sick

This sweet police vehicle was parked in front of our place this morning:

Russian Police Vehicle

Skiing was good this morning. I did 12 by 90 seconds hard skating. I may be able to upload some video from that session later. Here’s another look at the Olympic stadium:

Sochi Cross Country Olympic Stadium

Russia gets extra starters this week because they are the host nation. There are lots of Russians out on the trails:

Russian Skiing

Lastly, here’s American Jessie Diggins skiing with German Denise Herrmann:

Jessie Diggins and Denise Herrmann