Sochi Team Sprint

The sun was out today! It was an awesome day to hang out and cheer on my teammates in the World Cup Team Sprint here in Sochi, Russia. First, I went skiing, really slowly, with my teammates Liz Stephen (left), Kikkan Randall (center), Jessie Diggins and Holly Brooks (not pictured):

Small IMG_0777

I was extremely tired from my race yesterday. Luckily, the girls were exahsted too so we could all ski (or maybe it would be more accurate to say walk) together. Here are Liz (left) and Holly:

Small IMG_0778

We also each talked to NBC. They have a crew here doing an Olympic preview for the Today Show. In the last two days I have been interviewed by NBC, the AP, and the Los Angeles Times. Clearly this pre-Olympic World Cup is bigger than an average World Cup.

Kikkan Randall NBC Interview

In the finishing pen for the race, this cat was hanging around:

Small IMG_0783

He was pretty cute and made me miss my kitty at home.

Small IMG_0784

Then it was on to the important business of cheering on our teammates in the World Cup. Here is Sadie Bjornsen following Norway and Russia in the semifinal.

Small IMG_0791

Sadie and her teammate Ida Sargent won their semifinal! Here’s Sadie crossing the finish line:

Small IMG_0793

Sadie (left) and Ida were psyched to win and move on to the final.

Small IMG_0796

Then it was on to the men. My teammates Simi Hamilton and Andy Newell represented the U.S. Here’s Simi leading the field:

Small IMG_0798

Here he is leading Italy on one of the fast downhills of the course:

Small IMG_0800

Here’s Newell leading the field at the top of the huge uphill on the last lap. The men also won their semifinal and advanced to the final.

Small IMG_0804

Between the semis and finals we (spectators) got a little bored. I made a snowman with a friend, Andy Kühne from Germany:

Small IMG_0808

Simi was focussed warming up for the final.

Small IMG_0810

Here’s one more shot of our snowman creation.

Small IMG_0811

Then it was on to the finals. Here’s Ida:

Small IMG_0814

And Sadie in the middle of the group:

Small IMG_0815

Here’s Sadie on the fast downhill:

Small IMG_0816

Here she is following Celine Brun-Lie of Norway:

Small IMG_0820

The girls skied great and ended up an impressive fifth.

After the women it was straight on to the men’s final. Here’s Andy next to Norway’s Petter Northug:

Small IMG_0826

Here he is next to Sweden’s Emil Joensson. Mikhail Devjatiarov of Russia is just ahead:

Small IMG_0830

Here’s Simi on his last lap:

Small IMG_0832

The guys skied great. They were in position to get fourth before Newell fell around the last corner. They ended up seventh.

After the race a bunch of us went down to the valley to do strength. Here’s Kikkan doing a pull-up with an impressive amount of weight:

Small IMG_0835

The gym we used was a little short on heavy weight, so I used Kikkan to do deadlift:

Small IMG_0837

After strength we went out to dinner with Dexter Paine, chairman of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) board of directors, and Luke Bodensteiner, Vice president of athletics at USSA. On the way to the restaurant we got caught in a ton of traffic because the road was closed up ahead for Russia’s Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.

Small IMG_0843

The area around the restartant, like everything else in Sochi, was under construction. Our taxi driver tried three times to drive over this bridge before deciding he couldn’t make the sharp corner. It’s a good thing because I’m not sure the bridge would have held the car:

Small IMG_0844

We had a great dinner. Here’s a team photo at the restaurant:

Small IMG_0849