Searching for my Identity

This morning my teammates and I did a 15 kilometer classic time trial on the roller ski track at Soldier Hollow. My goal for the race was to find a good balance between tempo and power and to put down a good hard complete effort. I feel like I accomplished both of those goals.

This was the second roller ski time trial that I’ve done in a week, after the skate 15k that I did with Alex Harvey last week.

My post race lactic acid today was measured at 13.3 mmol, the highest number I’ve seen in many years. This built on the high number that I saw in the race against Alex. With my high training load, I am very happy that I am able to elevate my lactic acid so high.

Here’s a look at my heart rate graph for today’s race:

I did not accumulate as much EPOC during today’s race as I did last week. Here are the text messages that my coach Zach Caldwell sent me about the EPOC accumulation of today’s race compared to other races. (Zach uses Firstbeat Technologies to analyze my heart rate.)

Today’s race was 7.23 ml/kg/min for 37+ min
The one with Alex was harder
The Alex one was super brutal -like 8.5
You also just didn’t put your HR quite as high today
You were coming off a slightly higher recovery score (nighttime heart rate data) with Alex, but not enough to be significant
For comparison – last year in Toblach (Tour de Ski stage, I finished 19th place) you were at 6.5
Alpe Cermis was 7.56
I don’t think it’s exactly an index of how “good” the effort was. But there’s no question you’ve got access to going “hard”.

My teammate Simi Hamilton won today’s time trial. I was second, 20 seconds behind Simi. Roller ski results don’t mean a lot and I’m not too concerned about today’s result. I am not a good roller skier. However, I think Simi skied really well today. I believe he will be good in distance races (as well as sprints of course) this season. I’m very excited for him and for our relay team!