Salt Lake Bees

Today was the busiest day I’ve ever seen at the U.S. Ski Team’s Center of Excellence. The parking lot was completely full. The alpine women are required to live in Park City this summer (except for the A team). They all arrived over the weekend. My teammates were also all in the gym treadmill testing. The alpine ladies (and halfpipe skier Tucker Perkins) pulled the spin bikes outside to enjoy the beautiful day. I don’t quite understand why they don’t just go for a ride.

Alpine Ladies Spinning in the Sun

I had a busy day beginning with a blood test at 7:30 a.m. The U.S. Ski Team has us do the test to check important measures. I’m not sure what they are looking for, but I know iron levels are one important metric. Every time I have had my blood drawn everything has been normal. I would be surprised if this test shows anything different. My only workout today was a half hour run outdoors (still exclusively on pavement) followed by an hour on the underwater treadmill. I also had physical therapy (PT). In PT we are focusing on strength more than range of motion. I’m doing primarily left arm (injured arm) strength. Eventually the strength will switch to both arms. After PT I met with my strength coach Michael Naperalsky. We talked about the way John Callahan (my primary coach) and I design my training plan and what it will look like for the next several weeks. I want Michael to be as in-tune with my program as possible when he’s writing my strength programs.

This afternoon I played disc golf again with my friend Graham Watanabe.

Graham Watanabe Playing Disc Golf at Taylorsville

We played 36 holes at a course that was new to both of us, Valley Regional Park in Taylorsville, Utah. It was a really fun course. It was challenging because it was long and because it was windy today. The course itself is wide open so there isn’t too much risk of losing discs. I shot 20 over for my first round and 18 over for the second. Graham shot 5 over and 6 over. I had fun because I was working on improving my drives. I think I improved even though my scores didn’t really reflect it. Graham is impressive.

Graham Watanabe Putting Disc Golf in Taylorsville

After disc I stayed down in the Salt Lake valley to go to the Salt Lake Bees game with Greg and Luke Adams (whom I live with). The Salt Lake Bees are a minor league baseball team associated with the Los Angeles Angels.

Salt Lake Bees Major League Team

We went to the game because Lindsey Adams (Luke’s sister and Greg’s daughter) was playing the national anthem with her high school band.

Lindsey Adams Playing at Salt Lake Bees Game

They did a great job.

Park City High School Playing National Anthem at Salt Lake Bees

I got very lucky in that the Bees were playing the triple-A affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. I was much more interested in the game than I otherwise would have been. On top of that, the starting pitcher for the Sky Sox was a major league pitcher that I had seen pitch before (in a Rockies’ game), Jeff Francis. Jeff is pitching in triple-A because he is rehabbing from a strained groin. He has been very good in his career. He started game one of the 2007 World Series for the Rockies. He didn’t pitch very well tonight, giving up five runs in four innings of work.

Jeff Francis Pitching for the Colorado Springs Sky Sox at Salt Lake Bees

Luke and I had some great funnel cake at the game.

Luke Adams Funnel Cake at the Salt Lake Bees