Russia Bound

I went for one last ski in Les Saisies this morning with Simi Hamilton.

Simi Hamilton and Mont Blanc

It was another gorgeous day.

Les Saisies Sun

During the ski we did a lap of the “technical downhill” that is part of the trail system. Then we decided that wasn’t quite fun enough so we skied most of the way up the alpine area and came down the real ski-cross course.

This afternoon we drove the five hours to Zurich, Switzerland. At one of the gas stations I found Ben and Jerry’s! I had to get one just for a taste of home.

Ben and Jerry's

This evening we went out for Italian. I got a massive calzone. Without my knowledge, my coach Jason Cork timed me eating it. Apparently I finished it in just over twelve minutes.

Zurich Calzone

Tomorrow we fly to Russia! I’ve never been there. I was supposed to go last year but I got the stomach flu the night before we were scheduled to leave so I couldn’t get on the plane. Knock on wood that I won’t get sick tonight! We are headed to Sochi, the site of next year’s Olympic Winter Games, for a World Cup this weekend. I am super excited to see the Olympic venue.