Road Ride through the Whites

After yesterday’s race, I hung around the base of the mountain for the awards and after-party. I then killed time putting up yesterday’s blog on the excruciatingly slow internet at The Great Glen Lodge. I then started my afternoon training session from Great Glen, double poling down to Gorham, New Hampshire and back.

After the session I headed just down the road to Jackson, New Hampshire to meet up with friends who are running 53 miles in the White Mountains today, a route called the ‘Hut Traverse’. I spent the night with them in Jackson before they took off for their epic at 3:15 a.m. The Hut Traverse is known as a challenge: reach each of the 8 Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) huts in under 24 hours. I have confidence that they will “easily” succeed.

This morning, much later than 3:15, I reversed the car shuttle for them. They took my van to the start at Nineteen Mile Brook Trailhead. I drove their car to the finish at Lafayette Place Campground then rode my bike back to my car.

My route started by heading south on a very nice bike path along I-93 through Franconia Notch State Park.

I rarely ride on bike paths when I’m out on a road ride, but it was very pleasant.

It was a steamy, muggy day. The air was so thick that I felt like I was swimming.

After reaching the town of Lincoln I headed east on the beautiful Kancamagus Highway.

It was one of those roads that I’ve heard about for a while but had never been on until today.

It lived up to the hype. After going over the Kancamagus Pass I went up and over Bear Notch Road then back onto Route 16 past the Mount Washington Auto Road.

The whole ride took me three and a half hours.

I ended up with quite a head of helmet hair.

I’m now headed back to Hanover after a very fun 4 days.