Road Bike Loop

Yesterday evening I finished off a four and a half hour day with an hour and a half skate roller ski. I waited till 6:30 to start the session, and it had cooled down to the perfect temperature. I had a really nice ski.

This morning I headed out for a short road bike ride on a loop that was new to me. It was perfect out.

I rode south through West Lebanon onto Route 12A. I then turned east onto Trues Brook Road which becomes Willow Brook Road to Plainfield. That section was really nice riding.

I finished the loop by riding north on Route 120 to Lebanon, West Lebanon and Hanover.

The road biking around here is better than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. I like passing through or by covered bridges.

And I’m stuck by how many private schools there are in New England.

And I’m continually amazed by the amount of water around here. It’s a big change from Utah.

I’m currently on the Dartmouth Coach, a bus company that runs service between Hanover and Boston. It is a remarkably convenient service, it is a serious perk to living in Hanover, and I anticipate using it often. I’m headed to Boston to pick up my car, which my friend Barton Tofany left at the airport after taking it to his orientation session at Harvard. I happen to be on the bus with my good friend and U.S. Ski Team member Paddy Caldwell, who’s flying to the west this afternoon for a combination of vacation, training camp and wedding.