Recovery Weekend

I’ve had a very chill and relaxing 3 days after finishing a big training block on Thursday. Saturday was an annual event here in Hanover called The Prouty, a fundraiser for cancer research and patient supportive services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Participants in The Prouty raise money then walk, golf, row or cycle in the event. I’ve heard about the Prouty for years. Many of my friends and east coast “family” participate in the century bike ride each year. I was hoping to ride with them this time, but it didn’t fit in my training plan. I was in dire need of this recovery weekend. It will remain on my list of events to do in the future.

Even though I wasn’t riding, I was honored to still be invited to the pre-Prouty dinner at Tim and Margaret Caldwell’s beautiful lakeside cabin.

They call it pond rather than a lake, but as a westerner, I cannot wrap my head around calling a body of water a pond when it’s bigger than any lake within 40 miles of where I grew up.

It was my first time at the Caldwell’s cabin, and I can’t wait to go back.

Plus, the crew was really fun

I love sweet breakfasts and I like to make them on my off days. Yesterday I had french toast.

I have been struggling to find balance in the last week between my social life and my training. I am capable of operating for days at a time on +/- 6 hours of sleep. I’ll stay up late each night doing something social then wake up early each morning to complete all of my training for the day before my next social evening. Needless to say, that lifestyle is not healthy. It also does not produce quality training.

When I get tired and don’t have much energy, my self control completely evaporates. I stop stretching, I eat more junk food and I mess around on my phone for hours late at night when I should turn it off and go to sleep.

I’m looking for balance between training load and energy management as well as balance between training focus and happiness/social life. It’s been a challenge as always, but I’m lucky to have an amazing team of coaches, friends and family to support me. In particular, I’m working to find balance in both of those equations with the help of my coach Zach Caldwell.