Recovery Day

I woke up yesterday morning after the 50k feeling like I had been in a fight. Everything was sore, especially my abdominal muscles and hip flexors. I didn’t do any training in the morning. Instead, I did some things I’d been neglecting all week (like laundry). I went to the laundry mat with Kris Freeman:

Kris Freeman Laundry

Walking around Predazzo is fun. Sometimes you walk under buildings.

Tunnel under Italian Building

I’m going to miss Italy.

Kris Freeman Predazzo Tunnel

Yesterday afternoon Kris and I went skiing. It was really good to move around a little bit. I was less sore after skiing.

Kris Freeman Nordic Trailhead

We skied from the hotel by walking down to the Marcia Longa trail.

Kris Freeman on the Marcia Longa Trail

We no-pole skied for the first 25 minutes because Kris is working on some specific technique cues.

Kris Freeman No-Pole Skiing

We made it down to the venue before turning around. The wax cabin compound looked pretty much the same as yesterday except all of the team’s trucks were gone.

Missing Wax Trucks at World Championship Venue

It was another beautiful day.

Val di Fiemme Mountains

Kris and I tried to take a different route back from the Marcia Longa trail to the hotel. We ended up getting stuck on the wrong side of the river, so we decided to cross this sketchy bridge:

Kris Freeman Crossing Sketchy Predazzo Bridge

It was probably a bad idea to cross the bridge, but luckily we both made it safely. There was a fence we had to climb on the far end as well.

Noah Hoffman Predazzo Bridge Fence

Last night we went out to dinner as a team. We had to enjoy one more night of pizza before leaving Italy. Our hotel called ahead and made a reservation for us. The restaurant had hung an American flag over our table when we arrived. Here are Liz Stephen (left), Kikkan Randall and Matt Whitcomb sitting under the flag:

Liz Stephen, Kikkan Randall and Matt Whitcomb

TheĀ restaurantĀ also gave us mini flags at each place setting.

American Flag Toothpick

Kris and I took an icebath before going to dinner. We were both cold all of dinner. Here’s Kris:

Cold Kris Freeman

After dinner we had Gelato back at our hotel. Liz didn’t seem too happy about it:

Liz Stephen Mad at Ice Cream Party

Then she got psyched.

Happy Ice Cream Party