Quick Update

Here’s a short update. I’m going to try to post consistently again but don’t hold me to it.

I’m loving living on the east coast. My living situation is everything I hoped for. I’m subletting a room from Alice Bradley, a Dartmouth post-doc engineer. I was put in contact with her by my friend Max McClorey, whom I am indebted to for making this connection. Alice is the perfect roommate; she’s organized, clean, low key and generous. Best of all, she and I share a lot of interests and we’re becoming friends. The location of our place is perfect; we have mountain bike and running trails out the back door and roller skiing and road biking out the front door, and we’re only a mile and a half from the center of Hanover.

Two of my best friends, Paddy Caldwell and Brayton Osgood, have been amazing at introducing me to the area and to many wonderful people. They have assimilated me into their lives and have been incredibly generous in making sure I have everything I need. I also owe a thank you to many other people who are not currently living in the Upper Valley (of the Connecticut River, as this greater area is known), but who have introduced me to their contacts here in New England. I was nervous about moving out of the mountain west for the first time in my life. Since I arrived here a month ago I have been taken aback by the incredible generosity of this community and my personal network of friends and supporters. Amazingly, Hanover already feels like home.

Speaking of owing debts of gratitude, my good friends Barton Tofany, Kelsey Tofany and Ryan Ayala drove my car and all of my stuff across the country for me. They arrived last week. How can I possibly say thank you enough? After they made it to New England I got to join them on a bike tour around Lake Champlain. I put together a little video edit of the ride on my Instagram page.

Barton is hanging out with me in Hanover until Wednesday. Unfortunately I started feeling a little sick on Thursday, and I got very concerned that it might be lyme disease. I’ve already had two tick bites since arriving here on the east coast. I got my blood drawn yesterday to test for lyme. Those results will come in next week, but at this point it seems unnecessary since I’m already feeling much better and my primary symptoms are a stuffy nose, sore throat and cough, none of which are generally associated with lyme. The symptoms started with a fever, which concerned me, so I’m feeling very relieved that it appears to be just a common cold.

Training has been improving rapidly. I feel like I’m turning the corner from the struggle to get back in shape after spring to the normal strong feelings of summer. I’m looking for a balance between training load and energy management, which I’ve already struggled to find at times as I’ve had a couple of very tired feeling days (and now some sick days). However, good energy doesn’t feel far away, and it seems much more clear on much shorter notice when I’m​ too tired than it did at any point last summer.

As I get healthy, Barton and I have had some pretty low-key days. We hung out at the wonderful Norwich Farmers Market this morning.

The local band that was playing is called Stuart Ross and the Temp Agency.

They are surprisingly good. I think I’ll seek them out again next time they’re playing in the area.

Lastly, one of the items that made me smile when I was reunited with my stuff for the first time in a month was my cowboy hat. So here’s a picture of me in it… just because…