Putney Intensity

Early this morning I drove down to Putney, Vermont, an hour south of Hanover, for morning training. First I went to physical therapist Todd Miller’s house to check in with him about the mobility exercises that I’ve been doing to lengthen my hip flexors, exercises that he prescribed for me a month ago. Todd was encouraged by the progress that I’ve made, and most importantly, he is still happy with the way I’m doing the exercises. I’m relieved that I’ve made progress because I haven’t been as consistent as I want to be about doing the exercises. Today’s check-in was encouraging and good motivation to do my work consistently.

After the PT session I went to my coach Zach Caldwell’s house for a classic intensity session with my teammate Tad Elliott, supported by Zach. This morning we were also joined by Isaac Freitas-Eagan, an up-and-coming junior athlete from the Putney/Brattleboro area.

The workout, after a solid warm-up, was three times on a set course on Patch Road. The course is point-to-point has a net gain in altitude. It took between eight and a half and nine minutes and has two distinct hills per interval. The first interval was very controlled, low threshold. The second and third were at race pace.

I had a bit of a discombobulated morning. I forgot my heart rate monitor chest strap, and Zach had to drive back to his house during our warm-up to get it. Despite the bumpy start, I pulled it together and had a great workout. Zach was pleased with the way I was skiing.

Here’s a little bit of video of the session. (I also posted this clip on my Instagram feed.)

There’s more video of me and Tad, including some in slow motion, on the Caldwell Sport Facebook Page.

After the workout I played a game of darts with Tad and with Zach’s son, Gunnar Caldwell.

Zach was busy building a sauna next to his pond.

I’m now back in Hanover.