Sunday evening I had a nice dinner at Ben and Sarah True’s house. I got to know Ben 10 years ago when we were both living and training in Sun Valley, Idaho. That year was one of his last as a competitive skier. Since then he has focused on running and is one of the best 5000 meter runners in the world. I met Ben’s wife Sarah last month when I moved to Hanover. She is wonderful and is one of the best Olympic-distance triathletes in the world. Ben and Sarah live across the street from me in Hanover. It has been wonderful to reconnect with Ben and get to know Sarah.

Also at dinner on Sunday were Brayton Osgood and Mikey Sinnott. Mikey was in town from Sun Valley for Dartmouth reunion weekend. Ben and I never lived together in Sun Valley, but we both lived in Mikey’s brother’s room with Mikey and his mom and sister on subsequent years. I moved in after Ben moved out. It was like old times to be together with Ben and Mikey again.

Yesterday after a three hour morning run I drove down to Putney, Vermont to touch base with my coach Zach Caldwell. The plan was to do a training/technique session yesterday afternoon, but I was exhausted. When I walked into Zach’s house he asked me how it was going. My response was that I wanted to cry for no particular reason. I also mentioned that I hadn’t felt motivated at all during the morning run (something that’s very unusual for me) and that I was worried that I did permanent damage when I overtrained last fall. With those three pieces of information, Zach decided we weren’t going out for a session yesterday afternoon. I hate skipping planned sessions, but it was definitely the right call.

Instead of training, Zach and I looked at my heart rate data from the last month, both training data and nighttime recovery data. We then worked with my other coach John Callahan to put together a plan designed to let my energy float up during the next week.

Also here at Zach’s house is my good friend and teammate Tad Elliott. It’s fun to see Tad, but I was really looking forward to seeing his El Camino, which he bought last summer and I’ve heard so much about.

It really didn’t disappoint.

Putney got some amazing rain yesterday, and the creek through Zach’s property was overflowing its banks.

This morning Tad and I headed out for a two hour skate session. Zach and his son Gunnar drove along with us to support the session. With getting sick then racing the Mount Washington Hill Climb and living out of my van for several nights, I have not been keeping up with my mobility and posture work. This lapse was apparent to Zach in my skiing. I was not skiing as well as I was three weeks ago.

So, in addition to bringing the training load down so energy comes up, I’m also going to refocus on my home exercises and I will have more frequent contact in the next several weeks with Zach.