Predazzo-Munich Travel

I had the day off of training yesterday. Kris Freeman figured out just before he headed out for a ski that he had sent his cooler for his insulin home with Zach Caldwell. He sent Tad Elliott and I on a search for anything insulated that he could use for the travel to Lahti. It was almost an impossible task. In the US, every grocery store, hardware store, liquor store and drug store has a cooler of some sort. In Italy we went to three different places without finding anything. We ended up getting him an insulated plastic soup container from a kitchen store. Here’s Tad looking in one of the stores we visited:

Tad Elliott Looking for Insulin Cooler

Yesterday afternoon we left Val di Fiemme after more than two weeks in our hotel. The staff of our hotel, The Hotel Touring, were incredible. They made us feel so at home, knew all of us by name and were invested in our results. It was hard to leave. On the way out we drove over the beautiful Passo Lavazé.

Passo Lavazé

At a gas station stop the girls bought candy pacifiers. Here are Kikkan Randall (left) and Sadie Bjornsen:

Kikkan Randall and Sadie Bjornsen with Pacifier

And Jessie Diggins:

Jessie Diggins

She was enjoying it immensely:

Jessie Diggins Baby Face

At the next stop Kris Freeman was enjoying the jungle gym. I don’t know what happened to the maturity level of my team!

Kris Freeman Jungle Gym

Matt Whitcomb got in on the action.

Matt Whitcomb Jungle Gym

We also passed this sweet Ferrari on the road.


Last night we stayed at the Munich Airport hotel. Today we’re flying to Finland.