Pick-up Soccer

I felt much better today than I did yesterday. Barton and I went on an out-and-back two hour and fifteen minute run this morning on the Appalachian Trail. We kept the pace chill and I was happy to see that my heart rate was responding normally.

After the run we rode bikes into town, which takes all of 12 minutes, to say hello to the Osgood and Tim Caldwell families. They were in Hanover to watch U.S. Ski Team member Paddy Caldwell walk in graduation from Dartmouth College. Paddy still has one term to go, but he was able to walk with his class and will finish his undergrad next spring. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with Paddy. He is one of very few athletes, and even fewer when you look in particular at men’s distance skiers, who have managed to successfully pursue academics at one of the best schools in the country while also skiing at an international level. I’m honored to call him a friend.

After coming back home from the graduation scene and some afternoon chill time, Barton and I went to a pick-up soccer game in Lebanon.

The group that we joined gets together twice a week, and I’ve been meaning to play with them for a while. I played soccer through 8th grade and miss it immensely. On the field Barton and I were certainly outclassed, but the other players were exceptionally welcoming and tolerant of less-than-stellar play. We had a wonderful time.

My plan had been not to count soccer as training. I was going to take off on a mountain bike ride after the game for my afternoon session. However, the soccer was intense and aerobically taxing. My heart rate was definitely elevated the entire match, and it certainly felt like training. So, in the interest of not repeating the same mistakes as last year, I decided to count it as training and skip the afternoon ride.

Today was the first hot day since I arrived in New Hampshire, which made the soccer feel harder, but I honestly believe that it can count as training each time I join this particular group. They do a nice job of making it a workout by taking very short breaks and playing consistently. Next time I’ll wear a heart rate monitor to get an idea of what the aerobic load is like while I play.

To cool off after the game, Barton and I jumped in the Mascoma River.

It was exceptionally refreshing.

Lastly, I received the results of the lyme test that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Not surprisingly but also with some relief, it came back negative.