Pemi Loop

On Wednesday my friend, ultra-marathoner and adventurist Andrew Drummond and I did the “Pemi Loop”, a 29.9 mile run/hike adventure in the Pemigewasset Wilderness. We began at the Lincoln Woods Trailhead just past the Loon Mountain Ski Area on the Kancamagus Highway. Andrew had an obligation in the morning so we didn’t start until noon. Consequently, we ran the loop counterclockwise so that we were in the woods for the hottest part of the day and weren’t on the exposed Franconia Ridge until the evening. The route starts up the Lincoln Woods Trail to the Bond Cliffs Trail.

Because I committed to taking my camera, I took a ton of pictures.

We did a little photo shoot on top of the Bond Cliffs.

We were about an hour an 45 minutes into the run at the Bond Cliffs.

Andrew took this one of me:

And this one of me heading from Bond Cliffs up to Mount Bond.

Most of the loop has incredible views.

Here’s the Mount Bond summit pic.

The intimidating thing about the run is that you can see where you’re going from a long ways away. The big mountain in the background in the picture below is Mount Lafayette. Not only is Mount Lafayette where we were headed, it was still two hours from the finish.

We took a short detour in order to fill up water at the Guyot Shelter.

It’s a natural water fountain!

From the shelter we went up and over Mount Guyot.

We intersected the Appalachian Trail then headed up to South Twin Mountain.

This is looking back down the ridge we came up.

From South Twin we dropped down to the Appalachian Mountain Club‘s Galehead Hut and refueled on some delicious baked goods.

Our breaks were short, and soon we were on to Mount Garfield.

Here’s one on the summit of Mount Garfield that Andrew took of me.

We checked out Garfield Pond.

Then we headed up Mount Lafayette, the biggest peak of the day.

We were both still feeling good at the summit.

We met another group up there who offered  to take our picture.

I was very happy that the whole effort felt easy, and my energy never crashed.

From Lafayette it was mostly downhill.

We ticked off Mount Lincoln.

Then we went up and over Little Haystack.

The route finished over Mount Liberty.

And finally Mount Flume.

The far ridge in this picture is the one we had ascended earlier in the day.

This picture cracks me up.

We were on top of the final peak, Flume, at 6:45ish.

We were still smiling.

But our legs were very tired on the way down.

In total we were out for 7 hours and 38 minutes.

The post-run soak felt wonderful on our legs.

I highly recommend the Pemi Loop as a run/hike or backpacking adventure.