Olympic Team

I am very excited to announce that I have officially met the qualification standard for the U.S. Olympic Team headed to Sochi, Russia next month!

This will be my first Olympics. Since my breakthrough results at the beginning of the year, I have known it was very likely I would qualify for the Olympics, but it is relieving to have made the objective criteria.

The top level objective criteria for nomination is a top 50 ranking in World Cup distance (final event Jan. 5) or World Cup sprint (final event Jan. 12) standings up to the maximum limits of permitted FIS nominations. As of Sunday, I am sitting in 31st on the World Cup distance standings. I am the only American male athlete to be in the top-50, but my teammates Andy Newell and Simi Hamilton will easily qualify based on the sprint standard after next weekend. On the female side, Kikkan Randall, Liz Stephen, Sadie Bjornsen, Jessie Diggins, Sophie Caldwell and Holly Brooks all met the qualification standard on the distance list. Ida Sargent will join them when the sprint list becomes final next weekend.

The USOC will formally name the Olympic Team on January 27. Until that time, no nominations are official per USOC protocol.

2 thoughts on “Olympic Team

  1. Congratulations on making the US Olympic squad! The breadth in the US women’s team has been very impressive for a couple of seasons now, and the men seem to have made great strides this season, with yourself and Simi Hamilton, and Andrew Newell keeping up his remarkably consistent sprint form. Really looking forward to watching you compete in Sotchi!

  2. Congrats, Noah.

    I like the way the US nominates athletes. It’s better to put the criterion for nomination on the world cup ranking rather than on an individual best result in any race prior to the Olympics.

    Have a nice vacation and good luck for Sochi.

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