New Townie

Yesterday afternoon Barton Tofany and I went back to pickup soccer in Lebanon, the same group we played with on Sunday. This time I had the soccer scheduled as my afternoon session, and I wore a heart rate monitor to see my level of aerobic output during the game. I ended up averaging 127 bpm for the hour and 22 minutes that we played, and logged it as an hour of training (to account for breaks and stoppages). That heart rate is the upper end of where I’d want to be for a normal distance training session, and it’s exactly the load I hoped to get from soccer. I will definitely be including soccer in my training regularly.

During the game the weather was moodier and cooler than Sunday, perfect for playing.

Yesterday was my roommate Alice Bradley’s 28th birthday. She hosted a little get-together at our place to celebrate.

For me it was a great opportunity to meet more fun people and new friends. Most importantly, I think Alice had a good day.

This morning Barton took off to Boston to attend the orientation session for a Masters in Mathematics Education program that he’s taking at Harvard beginning in the fall. He was with me in Hanover for a week after driving my car across the country, and I’m sad to see him go. He’s one of my best friends, is an amazing guest and is up for anything. I’m honored and very grateful that he drove my car across the country, and I’m psyched that I got to spend so much time with him once he got here. I’ll miss having him around.

After he left I went out for a three hour roller ski double pole. To give a comparison to the soccer, my average heart rate for the three hours this morning was 110 bpm. Double pole generally yeilds the lowest heart rates of any training method I use.

Lastly and for no particular reason (but potentially most importantly), I want to introduce you to my new townie that I acquired this spring. It’s amazing.

I haven’t done it yet, but it is begging to be named. I mostly ride it to the Hanover co-op and the Dartmouth Climbing Gym. It’s wonderful.