New Skis

It was a snowy day here in Aspen. I went up Aspen Mountain this morning for the second day in a row. Today was the last opportunity to get a ride down as the mountain closed yesterday and today was the employee party. Unlike yesterday, I couldn’t go up in running shoes with stabilizers today. It was too soft. I used my dad’s snowshoes instead. Here was the scene when I started:

Snowy Base of Aspen Mountain

Since most of the mountain wasn’t groomed last night I ended up walking in very soft and chopped up snow. It was slow going.

Chopped Up Powder on Aspen Mountain

The ski patrol was out in force taking the padding off the lift towers and snow making poles.

Aspen Mountain Ski Patrol

Once they took the pads off they sent them down the mountain on their own accord. At one point I looked up and a chairlift pad zoomed right by me.

It snowed almost a foot today. The powder skiing looked amazing, but I’m ready for summer since I can’t enjoy it.

April Powder

Not only is the snow teasing me about being in a sling, but in the mail today I received a beautiful pair of K2 Coomback skis:

New K2 Coomback Skis

The K2 corporation owns both K2 Skis and Madshus, my ski company. One of my contacts at Madshus, Jon Fewster, was responsible for getting me these skis. I am super grateful to him and to the company, and I can’t wait to ski some powder on them next year. I do however wish I could enjoy them right now in the awesome snow.

This afternoon I did phase two of spring cleaning. Phase one involved cleaning off the walls and desk drawers in my room. Phase two involved going through everything else, clothes, games and sporting equipment mostly, and getting rid of half of it. Here was what my room looked like in the middle of the process today:

Room Cleaning

I feel like I’m down to a very lean amount of stuff, and it feels good.