Mount Washington Preview

Yesterday afternoon I took the Dartmouth Coach down to Boston to pick up my car. The views from Boston Logan are amazing.

Yesterday evening I rock climbed indoors with a friend in Boston before driving just north of the city to sleep in my van. Two things about the van: first, I recently aquired my parents’ Toyota Sienna mini van and I love it! Second, I parked in a Walmart parking lot. Walmarts are always good options because they’re open 24 hours a day so nobody will bother you and there’s a bathroom and drinking fountain nearby if you need one.

I’m really psyched to have this vehicle and to be able to sleep anywhere.

This morning, very casually, I made my way north to the Presidential Mountains for tomorrow’s Mount Washington Hill Climb.

I went for a short pre-race run around the base that included 5 minutes of L3 (aerobic threshold) running and some accelerations. I then drove up the race course to preview it for tomorrow.

It is a remarkable road.

I’ve definitely never been on a road of this length that also has this consistently ​steep grade.

Most of it is paved, but there’s a short section of dirt in the upper half.

The weather was moody, but the views and clouds were cool when it wasn’t just foggy.

The road is very runable. It’s steep for an auto road but not steep for trail running.

I have no idea what kind of shape I’m in. I haven’t done any real tests since working back into training at the beginning of May. It is apparent that for this race I need to start at a sustainable pace. There won’t be any recovery, and it will take over an hour. There are some great runners here, including the world mountain running champion. I have no idea where I will fit in, but I’m looking forward to testing myself.

I owe a huge Thank You to Paul Kirsch, Sue and Howie Wemyss, all of the staff of Great Glen Trails and the Mount Washington Auto Road, the race organizing committee and the race volunteers for having me here and putting on a world class event.

I’m currently poaching internet from the Great Glen Lodge at the bottom of the mountain. I’ll sleep in my van again tonight. I like living simply out of the van, and I can’t wait for tomorrow.