This morning I hiked up Aspen Highlands with my Norwegian friends that are in town, Astrid Slind and Kristin Gausen. Highlands is the only mountain that is still open. We hiked to the top of the Loge lift which is the highest lift on the mountain. It took about an hour and forty minutes. We had to take two chairlifts to get back down. It was a little colder and less comfortable than the Gondola on Aspen Mountain. It was also a powder day, and we got on the lift to come down just as the first skiers were arriving at the top. Not only was every chair coming up packed, but most of them were laughing at us for taking the lift down. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures.

After hiking up I dropped my mom off at work at the Aspen Music Festival. The Aspen Country Day School is one of two private schools in Aspen. They normally operate on the Aspen Music School campus, but the campus is getting remodeled. So, Country Day School is currently working out of trailers on the Aspen Music Festival grounds. (The Aspen Music School and Aspen Music Festival are one in the same organization, but have two different campuses.) It was sweet to see a whole K-through-8 campus in temporary buildings.

Aspen Country Day School Temporary Campus

The lunch food is prepared off site every day and trucked in to the school:

Temporary Aspen Country Day School Cafeteria

I took a random picture of this sweet plane that flew over:

Plane over Aspen

This afternoon I had three meetings, one at 1:30, one at 2:45 and one at 5 O’clock. The first was with a great friend and supporter Dave Petersen about sponsorship ideas. The second two meetings were with members of the Aspen Valley Ski Club (AVSC). They have struggled recently to develop the elite end of their cross country programming. They are committed to becoming one of the best elite clubs in the country. They asked me to come in to give my thoughts on certain issues. Although I don’t ski for them anymore, I owe much of my success to AVSC, and I would love to see them excel. I am more than happy to offer any advice I can.

Also, when I got home today I was psyched to get a package from my friend Markus Ljungdahl in Davos, Switzerland. He sent me a jersey of his favorite soccer team, the Swedish National Team:

Swedish National Team Soccer Jersey

Tomorrow I am going camping in Fruita, Colorado for one night so I won’t be blogging.