Letting my Energy Float

I was exhausted on Monday and my coaches and I decided to back my training down for the rest of the week to let my energy float up. Today is my 4th day in a row of three hours or less of training per day, and I have way more energy and feel much better than I did on Monday. I’m very happy with how quickly I have turned the corner, but I will keep the load low for the rest of the week to make sure I’m ready to start training hard when I get back into it.

The weather has been gorgeous in New England this week, perfect for training.

I’m always torn about stopping during a workout to take a picture, but sometimes it’s so pretty that I don’t feel like I have a choice, I need to share the view.

Yesterday, for the solstice, was particularly perfect.

I went for an hour road bike ride in the evening and was singing with happiness because it was so nice out.

I rode Jericho Street for the first time, which was one of the nicest roads I’ve ever ridden.