Leaving Sochi

Yesterday was our last day in Sochi. I was noticing some more interesting things about Russia. First, there seemed to be very little emphasis on safety in the construction zones. These workers did not appear to be roped in.

Russian Construction Safety

It seemed risky to be walking on the roof of the buildings when they were covered in snow and ice.

Davos Construction Snowy Roof

We heard, and I have no way of verifying this, that three workers a week are dying in the construction of the games.

On a different note, this baby was sitting happily in a stroller on the ski slope while the mom (I assume) was watching another boy ski several hundred meters away. It was a funny sight.

Baby on Ski Slope

Travelling from Sochi to Davos, Switzerland was longer than it needed to be. It seems the only way to travel in and out of Russia is to be very patient. Here we are waiting for the bus at the bottom of the Gondola.

Bus Waiting

Once we were on the bus we had to do a couple laps of the airport before we found the correct drop-off point. The caravan of buses pulled a U-turn at a busy intersection off a highway. It was an incredible move.

Sochi Bus U-Turn

Then all the teams waited to check in with hundreds of pieces of luggage.

Sochi Airport Check-in

Then we waited an extra hour to board the plane because of some problem with customs. In order to board, you had to take a bus across the tarmac. The bus trip was no more than 150 feet long. In this picture, from the bus drop-off point, you can see the door in the background where we boarded the bus.

World's Shortest Bus Trip

Then we waited to get on the plane.

Boarding the Plane in Sochi

In total, we left the hotel at 2p.m. (11a.m. in Switzerland) and arrived at our hotel here in Davos at 1a.m (4a.m. in Sochi). It was a long day! It’s a relief to be out of Russia. It’s a little strange that central Europe feels like home.