Ladies’ 30km World Championship

Yesterday was all about recovery and saving energy for me. The ladies’ had their 30km classic mass start. It was again warm, wet and slow. For me, their race was a preview of our 50km mass start this afternoon. They did not make it look fun or easy! The ladies’ race blew apart. Most girls skied alone for the majority of the race. Fifteenth place was four minutes and forty seconds behind the winner Marit Bjoergen. Thirtieth place was ten minutes and forty eight seconds behind. Some of the girls were suffering from heat exhaustion. My teammate, Ida Sargent, was pouring water over her head during the race. She finished in 25th place. Liz Stephen finished 16th.

I am feeling good and looking forward to this afternoon. I am focusing on staying relaxed and conserving energy until the last lap.

I went for a short ski yesterday afternoon then watched some of the Nordic Combined race. Their race was a team sprint where two people jump in the morning and their distances are added together. Then they alternate skiing laps of a 1.5km course in the afternoon until each skier has completed five laps. They pursuit start the skiing based on the morning’s jump results. Our team of Taylor Fletcher and Billy Demong didn’t have a great day jumping. They started the skiing in 10th place, 1:40 behind the leaders. Here’s Billy:

Billy Demong WSC Team Sprint

And Taylor passing the team from Finland:

Taylor Fletcher WSC Team Sprint

And Billy:

Top View Billy Demong WSC

And Taylor leading somebody. (That suite is not the same as the cross country one so I can’t identify it.)

Billy Demong WSC First Climb

One more of Billy:

Billy Demong WSC Team Sprint First Climb

At one point during the race they got within forty five seconds of the leaders. They faded at the end and finished a minute and twenty five seconds behind. They passed four teams in the process to finish in sixth.

There are lots of crazy Norwegian fans around here. There are significantly more Norwegians than Italians.

WSC Crazy Norwegian Fans

The 50km starts at 12:30 p.m. CET today.