Kikkan and Jessie’s Awards

Yesterday afternoon the U.S. Nordic Combined team capped off a really fun day with a podium of their own in the 4 by 5km relay. They took third for the first Nordic Combined World Championship relay medal ever for the U.S. As you can imagine we had a great celebration last night. There was a cake for Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins:

Kikkan and Jessie's Party

The hotel staff provided the cake. They are as happy as we are.

Kikkan and Jessie's Cake

I got to take a picture with the World Champions (Kikkan left, Jessie right).

Kikkan Randall, Jessie Diggins, Noah Hoffman

The hotel has made a little shrine at the front desk to the medalists:

Hotel Touring World Championship Medalist Shrine

Of course we all went to the medals ceremony last night. We had a huge contingent there:

Team USA at the Medals Ceremony

We were treated to a dance show before the awards:

Cavalese Awards Dancers

Nordic Combined awards were first. France won, Norway was second and the U.S. was third.

France Nordic Combined Relay World Champions

It is always awesome to see a U.S. flag on a World Championship awards ceremony.

U.S. On the Nordic Combined Podium

The U.S. team was (from left to right) Todd Lodwick, Billly Demony, Taylor Fletcher and Bryan Fletcher.

U.S. Nordic Combined Team

Then it was Kikkan and Jessie’s turn.

Women's Team Sprint Podium World Championships

Not a lot to say about this besides to reiterate how inspiring it is to see.

Randall and Diggons on Podium

More pictures:

USA World Champions

They were pretty excited:

Randall and Diggins Excited

Lastly, here’s a look at the men’s podium of Russia, Sweden and Kazakhstan:

Men's World Championship Team Sprint Podium