Intensity Video

Here’s the video from the skate intensity I did this morning, 12 by 90 seconds. It’s not super interesting because I was all alone. Jason Cork filmed for me. The point of filming and uploading the video is so my coach, Zach Caldwell of Caldwell Sport, who lives in Vermont and does not travel with the team, can watch my session and we can talk about technique. This method of coaching has worked well for me. I could not do it without the incredible work ethic and flexibility of the U.S. Ski Team coaches, like Jason, who are willing to support a session in whatever way adds the most value for me. They don’t have egos that are wounded when I work with other coaches, and they don’t give advice, which can just complicate things for me, unless I ask for it. The effort I was shooting for today was the end of a 30 kilometer race.

On another note, my mom sent me this super cute picture of our cat, Schröder on the back of our car in Aspen.

Schröder on Car