Ida’s Intervals

This morning I did skate technique work with my coach Zach Caldwell. We had a good session. I was a little tired from the travel yesterday, but my energy was good. We developed two new technique cues: “push to extension with hands” in V2 and V2 Alternate. This means I release my hands down and don’t push them back. When I push my hands back my elbows stay bent and my shoulders hunch up. The second new cue is “low to high” for V2 Alternate. This means I get deep in my knee on the off side and come up high on the poling side. Both of these cues are very intuitive to me and clicked easily. We’ll test them again tomorrow.

This afternoon my US Ski Team teammate Ida Sargent came to Putney from northern Vermont. She did max classic intervals. I skied with her. It was a good opportunity for me to practice skiing as easily as possible at a given pace, and it was good for her because I was able to push her. Zach put together a great video of the session:

This evening I had dinner at my good friends the Osgoods. Then I got crushed in a game of scrabble.