Ida and Trivia

This morning my friend and U.S. Ski Team member Ida Sargent came through Hanover on her way from southern Vermont to northern Vermont. One of the great things about Hanover, and one of the reasons that I chose to live here, is that it is very centrally located in New England. I’m close enough to meet up for training with nearly all of the international level cross country skiers in the region, and many of them have reasons to be driving through on occasion, as Ida did this morning.

Ida and I took advantage of the opportunity to go on a 3 hour classic roller ski. Ida used slightly faster skis than me, allowing us to ski the same pace at the right intensity. It was a really high quality training session and an even opportunity to catch up with one of my best friends.

After the ski we went out to lunch with our friends Barton Tofany from Colorado and Brayton Osgood, the head men’s cross country ski coach at Dartmouth.

For training this afternoon I went on an hour long mountain bike ride. For that session I was kind of a mess. I did wash this afternoon and could only find one of my bike gloves in the clean clothes. On top of only riding with 1 glove, I realized 5 minutes into my ride that I’d forgotten to put on bug spray for a trail system (Boston Lot) that is ground zero for ticks. Lastly, I’d forgotten my map and my phone. I have yet to learn these particular trails and they are exceptionally confusing. Despite all that, once I managed to relax, I had a great ride and I even found my way home sans map.

This evening Barton and I joined a fun group of new friends for trivia at The Skinny Pancake, a local bar.

I am atrocious​ at trivia and didn’t help our group answer a single question. Despite my acting like an anchor, we did quite well, winning 2 out of 4 rounds.

Barton and I finished off the day with a climbing session at the gym. We both worked on our own projects and it was a nice way to finish a busy day.

Lastly, I’m planning to race the Mount Washington Hill Climb running race on Saturday. This is one of the premier mountain running races in the U.S. I’ve wanted to race it since I first heard about it a decade ago, and I am very excited to finally get my shot this weekend!