Harvard Club

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Harvard Club of New York.

Harvard Club of New York

I was joking before I went that the name sounds very elitist. It turned out to be way more elitist than I imagined. You can only be a member of the club if you are a student, alumni or staff of Harvard. The membership fees are high and go up as you age (or as you get further removed from your time at Harvard.) I was able to use the facilities, for a $25 fee, because I am a guest of Emily Osgood (whom I’m visiting here in New York). Emily is a Harvard alum and a member of the club. (However she is not elitist.) The facilities were nice, but not amazing.

Harvard Club of New York Facilities

There was a lot of school pride.

Harvard Flag at the Harvard Club of New York

They had a treadmill that went up to a steeper grade than I had ever seen before. I decided to take advantage of it for something a little different. At the U.S. Ski Team’s Center of Excellence in Park City, I have been doing my uphill hikes at 15% grade and 4 mph. Yesterday I did my two hour session at 30% grade. I figured 3 mph would be good for distance training. It proved to be too hard so I reduced it after 30 minutes to 2.5 mph. That was too easy so I finally honed in on the right pace (of 2.8 mph) for the last hour. 30% is steep!

30% Grade on a Treadmill

I liked all the amenities in the locker rooms of the Harvard Club. Because I carried on all my stuff coming here, I didn’t bring a razor or shaving cream. I couldn’t believe my luck when they had everything I needed!

Harvard Club of New York Locker Room Amenities

After my workout I walked around midtown briefly. There were a ton of people out on a Friday night!

Crowded Midtown Manhattan

I had a fantastic dinner last night with Emily, Ezra and Hillary Caldwell and Hillary’s brother Tripp. Emily’s sister and my friend Brayton Osgood left yesterday to go to a wedding in Bend, Oregon. Ezra is a fantastic cook. He is formerly a custom bike builder. There are some really cool bikes in the house.

Ezra Caldwell's Bikes

This morning Emily and I headed down to Lower Manhattan. We checked out the under construction One World Trade Center building with the newly attached spire making it 1,776 feet tall, the tallest in the Western Hemisphere and third tallest in the world.

One World Trade Center with New Spire

Wall Street was packed with some sort of college graduation that had just let out of Trinity Church.

Crowded Wall Street

We walked by the New York Fed.

New York Fed

We then checked out some of the damage and construction that has resulted from Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy Construction

We also checked out Emily’s office. She works for the HPD (Housing Preservation and Development). She’s got an office as opposed to a cubical so she must be pretty important. ( However she’s not quite high enough up the ladder to get a window.)

Emily Osgood's Office at HPD

We then went to a great brunch with one of Emily’s friends (who works at the New York Fed) Stephanie Rosoff followed by a trip to the Museum of the City of New York. Emily and Stephanie both have masters in Urban Planning, and I am very interested in urban development, especially as it relates to New York City. We went for a particular exhibit about ultra-dense living. There were different models of space efficient buildings.

Space Efficient Model at the Museum of the City of New York

There was also a cool full-size flat that was 325 square feet. To me, it seemed totally livable for two people (as long as they were a couple). Here are Emily (in the window) and Stephanie poking their heads out of the unit:

Model Flat at the Museum of the City of New York

On the way back we walked though Central Park. I had to step foot in the park at least once while I am here.

Green Central Park, New York