Hard Classic Skiing

Yesterday afternoon I went for an easy and fun mountain bike ride on the Boston Lot trails with Brayton Osgood (pictured below right), Leif Johnson (left) and a group of new friends.

The riding, views and company were good but the mosquitos were horrible.

After riding and a quick bite I joined more new friends, Claire and Alex, for an evening climbing session at the Dartmouth bouldering cave.

This morning I drove down to Putney, Vermont early to do a three hour session with my friend and teammate Tad Elliott and to work with my coach Zach Caldwell. Tad and I double poled for an hour and forty five minutes before Zach caught up to us in the car. We then did 15 minutes of focused classic technique work, beginning with no-pole kick-double pole, then adding poles, then adding striding and double poling and gear changing, and finally adding energy. Eventually we worked our way up to a race effort. Tad and I both nearly maxed our heart rates. I hit 170 beats per minute, high for me, and Tad hit 196 beats per minute, high for him. My energy felt so much better today than it did on Monday, and Zach was very happy with the way I was skiing. We both concluded the session feeling like I’m on track now. The trick is for me to stay on track for the rest of the summer and fall.

You can see video of me and Tad going race pace this morning on my Facebook page.