Happy 4th!

This is my favorite holiday. To me, it’s all about hanging outside, in a backyard or park, with friends, playing cornhole or bocce or frisbee and watching a rugby or beach volleyball tournament. When I think of the 4th I think of picnics and perfect summer evenings, classical music concerts (thanks to the annual Aspen Music Festival 4th of July concert), parades and fireworks. I think of national pride and hometown pride.

For years I’ve heard about the Osgoods’ (one of my east coast families’) annual 4th of July party. It is much adored and talked about, and I am very excited to finally be able to attend. I came down to Putney yesterday morning, went for a bike ride with Brayton Osgood then relaxed at the Osgoods’ and helped get ready for the party. Brayton, Chris Osgood, Zach and Gunnar Caldwell and I loaded tables and chairs from the Grammar School.

When we got back to the Osgoods’, Chris and Zach got distracted by Chris’s new backhoe.

They decided to try to remove a stump.

Honestly, that kind of yard work has no interest to me. It’s not how I want to spend my time, and for that reason and others, I never plan to nor want to own land.

But I’m glad it made them happy.

Mary Osgood made us a delicious dinner.

This morning we did a little more party prep before I headed out for a two and a half hour classic roller ski. We are expecting more than 80 people this evening.

It looks like we’re going to have perfect weather. I can’t wait!