Gällivare Training

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s almost time for the World Cup!

The venue is starting to look ready.

I’m psyched to get started.

So is my teammate Andy Newell:

It has gotten a lot warmer here, above freezing. The snow is wet and glazed. If the races were held today the conditions would be very similar to last weekend. These conditions are challenging for me, but good thing I got to practice last week!

The stadium here is named after current Swedish Nordic star Marcus Hellner:

The TV crew is starting to move equipment around the course.

Randy Gibbs, my wax tech for the season, hangs this poster of Richard Nixon up in every wax cabin he works in:

Our hotel, the Dundret, has some world clocks hanging above the counter. It’s funny to be North of the Arctic Circle in Sweden and have one of the six clocks be for home:

One of my good friends and a world class ultra-marathon runner, Zeke Tiernan wrote an awesome blog article about why he competes and why he is not going to compete next season. Check it out here.

We aren’t doing anything special for Thanksgiving. Since we are on a meal plan with several other teams, we won’t get to have a traditional Thanksgiving feast. My guess is that dinner tonight will look a lot like dinner has looked every night: salad bar, pasta, some sort of meat sauce, rice or potatoes, and some sort of vegetarian sauce.