Fresh Snow

It snowed on and off all day here in Canmore.

Kris Freeman and I got up early to do a skate intensity session before the two kilometer loop got too crowded. Even though we started skiing in the dark at 7:45, we weren’t even close to the first people on the track.

Kris did 3 by 15 minutes of threshold (a pace you can sustain for at least an hour). I joined him for the first 5 minutes as part of my warm-up. Then I did 12 by 30 seconds at sprint race pace. It was a new interval workout for me. The purpose was to ski fast without working too hard ahead of Monday’s time trial. Here’s some video of both sessions:

The rest of the team did distance. Here are Simi Hamilton (left) and Skyler Davis working on technique without poles (or rocking out in Skyler’s case):

And Stratton Mountain School’s Sophie Caldwell doing the same:

And Jessie Diggins:

Here is coach Jason Cork leading US Ski Team athlete Tad Elliott:

It snowed hard at times today as evidenced by the Vancouver 2012 Mascot outside our hotel window: