Finishing Training Block

First, Chris and Mary Osgood’s 4th of July party, which I talked about on Tuesday, exceeded all of my expectations. Mary is an incredible host.

She’s known for her baking skill.

She made a lot of bread for the party.

Mary’s daughter Emily also knows how to bake.

She was in charge of the cakes for the party.

Every year Emily comes up with a different theme for the cake decorations. (These are both this year’s cakes.)

We had a perfect evening for the party.

And most importantly, everybody had a great time.

I don’t have any pictures of training from the last several days, but today I finished up a big 11 day training block that included 48.5 hours of training, a trail running race and 2 other intensity sessions. It has left me pretty tired, and I’m looking forward to some recovery and a lighter block beginning next week.

Yesterday morning I did a skate roller ski intensity session with my coach Zach Caldwell in Putney. Because I was feeling tired before I even started the session, Zach and I were concerned that I wouldn’t be able to ski with quality. In an attempt to simplify the task for me, Zach sent me out on my warm-up without poles. When he caught up with me in the car 20 minutes later, he liked the way I was skiing. We decided that I would start the intensity without poles in order to preserve the quality of my skiing. We tried adding the poles back in for the third interval, but Zach felt it screwed things up so he soon stopped me and took the poles away again. With this strict oversight, we were able to have a productive session even when I didn’t have great energy. You can see a short video of me during the intervals without poles on my Facebook page.

The hardest part of the training block for me was driving back to Putney after intensity yesterday between sessions and still having 8 hours of training to do in the remaining 2 sessions. Yesterday evening I went for a 3 hour run on the Appalachian Trail and today I went for a road bike ride on a great 102 mile loop that Brayton Osgood designed for me. I’m happy to be done with the block.