Feeling Antsy

My training volume is lower right now than it was in the middle of the summer. This is a deliberate plan to bring the energy up so I can have higher quality intensity sessions.

On top of my lower volume, I’ve been training with other people consistently for the last several weeks while the Canadian and U.S. Ski Teams have been in town for camps. Training with other people feels easier than training alone. Not only does the time seem to go faster because there is outside stimulus, the training sessions also tend to be less focused, less consistent and sometimes slower than when I’m alone.

Also, other skiers tend to break up their long training sessions in different ways. They often do combo sessions, splitting the session in half between classic and skate or roller skiing and running. They may also change it up by hiking in the middle of a run. I tend not to chang things up in the middle of workouts, and when I join other people and we do change it up, it makes the whole workout easier.

All of these factors that have made my training feel easier over the last several weeks have me feeling antsy. I’m generally very good at relaxing and prioritizing recovery when it’s time every fall, but this year it feels too early. I feel like I’m losing my edge and the focus and quality and high training load that I had all summer.

These feelings are compounded by all of the non-training obligations that the camp brings and the things that need to be accomplished before I depart for Europe for the winter.

Overall things are going well, but I’m missing the quality that I had all summer, when I was able to be more focused on training. For my final three weeks in Park City, I am striving to regain simplicity, focus and the feeling of working hard with quality.