Farm Dinner

Yesterday I had the day off of training, and I took it really chill. I hung out by myself nearly all day, reading my book and catching up on emails. It was wonderful. I hadn’t had such a chill day in a long time. I didn’t leave the house until my friends Brayton Osgood and Rory Gawler picked me up for dinner at 6:15. We headed to Sweetland Farm in Norwich, an incredible CSA farm run by Norah Lake and Chris Polaahenski, who are friends of Brayton and Rory and new friends to me. We were invited over by Norah and Chris’s tenants, Meg Petroski and her boyfriend Bill, as well as friend Sarah Kleinschmidt.

The evening was absolutely wonderful, and for me it highlighted the generosity and inclusiveness of my new community here in the upper valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. I was with such an amazing group of people having an incredible meal in a stunning location, and six weeks ago I only knew one of the people I was with (Brayton). I am very grateful to everybody from last night, as well as so many others, for taking me into their lives and making me feel at home, without hesitation.

Here are, from left to right, Meg, Brayton, Bill and Sarah:

Brayton was in charge of making desert. He crushed it with some of the best strawberry rhubarb pie that I’ve ever had.

We paused in the middle of making dinner to walk around the farm.

It was a perfect evening.

We got to try fresh cherries from the cherry trees.

And we checked out Chris’s impressive workshop.

We then came back, and I got to help Meg and Sarah make deep dish pizzas.

They came out perfectly.

And as I said, the pie was remarkable.

This morning I went for a two hour skate roller ski on some roads that were new to me (Turnpike Rd. and New Boston Rd.) in Norwich. After the chill off day, I was psyched to go training, and my energy was great. I had a really nice ski.