Erika Newell and Annie Hart Conversation

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I am currently in Beitostølen, Norway for the first races of the season. I just finished up a 10-day camp in Sjusjøen, Norway with Andy Newell, Erika Newell and Annie Hart. Today’s conversation is with Erika and Annie, two of the best female skiers in the U.S. who are not currently on the U.S. Ski Team. They both ski for the Stratton Mountain School Elite Team and primarily compete on the U.S. Super Tour circuit. Both have started a few World Cup races but neither has scored World Cup points. They both attended and graduated from Dartmouth College and have super interesting lives outside of skiing. In our conversation we touched on a wide array of topics including the long odds of Olympic qualifying for U.S. women racing domestically, sexism and sexual harassment, eating disorders in skiing, Annie’s political leanings and many other topics. Thanks for joining us!

Annie Hart and Erika Newell