Dexter Paine Conversation

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I’m currently in Sjusjøen, Norway, preparing for the opening cross country World Cup races, which take place in two weeks, Thanksgiving weekend, in Kuusamo, Finland.

My conversation today is with Dexter Paine, the chair of the board of U.S. Ski and Snowboard (USSA). Dexter also serves as a vice president and council member of the International Ski Federation (FIS). For his day job, he is a founding partner and chair at the private equity firm Paine Schwartz Partners, LLC which focuses on sustainable food chain investing and agriculture. He also serves as a manager of ACS Media Income Fund. Previously Dexter served as the chair of the board at Holderness School and was a member of the international board of directors of Right to Play.

I caught Dexter via Skype at his office in midtown Manhattan. This is the second conversation that I’ve recorded remotely, and the sound quality is better than my first attempt, though not perfect. Also, Dexter requested, and I provided to him, the questions for this interview in advance. Enjoy!

Dexter Paine—FIS