Declining the White House Visit

This morning I have chosen to decline my invitation to the White House as a part of Team USA to protest the Trump Administration’s lack of leadership on the issue of Climate Change and the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord. Today the White House is celebrating winter sport, and yet their actions to scale back the Clean Power Plan threaten to render many of the winter Olympic sports obsolete. The US and the world need strong leadership on environmental issues, the defining challenge of our generation. This administration’s policies are exacerbating an already deadly problem. They are sacrificing our future for short-term economic gain. I believe in our ability as a global community, lead by a strong United States, to overcome any threat. That optimism fuels my anger about the lack of leadership on climate issues. We can and must tackle this issue head-on, and we need strong federal leadership to do it.

Instead of spending my time at the White House this morning, I am excited to be talking to elementary school kids about climate issues and chasing dreams.