Day Off of Racing

Yesterday was the only day with no competitions during the eleven days of World Championships. Everybody was relaxed and in a good mood. The ladies ski jumpers are done competing. They are headed home today, so before they left we did a team photo. I don’t have the actual photo because it wasn’t taken on my camera. It was a big crew to get everyone together at the same time and same place.

World Championship Team Photo Expedition

I went to the venue in the afternoon, separate from my team, because I wanted to avoid all the activity of the morning. It was nice and quiet in the stadium when I was out skiing.

Quiet World Championship Stadium

I skied with my technique coach Zach Caldwell. We only skied for 25 minutes, but it was just what I needed. Here’s Zach:

Zach Caldwell World Championships

Some of my teammates like to spin as a warm-up for races. Our spin bike, with arm-pullies instead of handlebars, is set up in the back of the cargo van.

Team USA Spin Bike in the Cargo Van

There’s also a motivational banner in the back of the van:

Cargo Van Motivational Poster

Yesterday evening I went to dinner with my parents (my mom took this picture) and Tad Elliott (back right) and Erik Bjornsen (front left):

Dinner with Tad, Erik, and Parents

Yesterday evening we had a “low heart rate” competition. Liz Stephen won.

Liz Stephen Low Heart Rate Competition

She hit an impressive 38.

Liz Stephen's Heart Rate

The lowest I could get to was 41. Coach Matt Whitcomb barely got under 50 (by cheating and holding his breath.)

Matt Whitcomb Low Heart Rate Test