Crag Camp

After some big training last week, finishing with a 58 mile double pole roller ski over the Moosilauke Highway with Kris Freeman, I headed to the White Mountains to recover for the weekend. On Friday night I hiked into the Crag Camp hut and chased a porcupine up the trail for a while.

This was my first time at one of the White Mountain huts. Crag Camp is run by the Randolph Mountain Club (RMC). Unlike the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) huts, the RMC ones aren’t full service; they simply offer a bed, access to water, an outhouse and counter space to prepare your own food. They only cost $20 per night and were great for a weekend getaway.

The weather was beautiful.

And the views from the Whites are fantastic.

There are numerous trails covering the entire Presidential Rage, and they are all well built and maintained.

Here’s a view from the ridge.

Here’s a view from the top of Mount Adams towards Star Lake and Mount Madison.

Here’s Crag Camp hut as seen from the ridge.

The weekend was chill.

Here I am swimming in Star Lake.

It was remarkably warm compared to the mountain lakes that I’m used to in Colorado.

My friend Andrew Drummond was up on the ridge on Saturday interviewing Appalachian Trail thru-hikers.

Here he is with the AMC’s Madison Hut in the background.

The clouds roll through amazingly fast, and it was cool to watch the shadows move along the ground.

As I mentioned earlier, some of  the trail work that has been done in the Whites is remarkable.

Saturday night’s sunset was beautiful.

It was very peaceful.

I feel lucky to be able to disappear into the mountains whenever I want to get away.

Sunday morning’s sunrise was also very nice.

I also love cooking outdoors.

Here’s the view from the Crag  Camp deck.

Here’s one more look at Crag Camp.

I’m now psyched to be home again and to train hard this week. I have three big  workouts that I’m targeting in the next 5 days. Tomorrow I’m doing a double roller ski time trial in Putney. The first effort will be classic, the second will be double pole. I’ve done this workout several times before but not in the last two years. I’m psyched to try it again. Then on Wednesday Andrew Drummond and I are planning to run the Pemigewasset Traverse. Thursday and Friday will be easy in preparation for a skate roller ski race with the Stratton Mountain School Team on Saturday.