Canmore Speeds

This morning the US Ski Team did a skate speed session. The workout was two hours long with 18 by 15 second speeds. Here’s my teammate Kris Freeman before the session:

Speeds are continuously a struggle for me. My sprint teammates Andy Newell and Simi Hamilton are some of the best in the world at 15 second efforts. Here we are in our new colors, black and neon yellow:

I felt good in the session today. During speeds, I tend to be closer to my teammates on snow than I am on roller skis. Stratton Mountain School’s T2 Elite Team is here with us. Here’s their entire women’s group:

Here are Newell and Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Chandra Crawford:

Stratton’s Erika Flowers:

The snow guns were blowing again today (behind Kris Freeman):

Tad Elliott was enjoying his cool down:

This afternoon we did an easy hour run in preparation for a classic sprint race tomorrow.