Breakfast and Car Testing

Last night the New Zealand All Blacks played the Australian Wallabies in the Rugby Championships. It was a big deal around here. The staff set up a viewing area on the big screen.

Snow Farm All Blacks Game

The All Blacks won 47 to 29 so everyone was happy.

Breakfast here at the Snow Farm is always the same. As Andy Newell pointed out, we tend to eat more for breakfast here than at home. I have a breakfast sandwich.

Snow Farm Breakfast Sandwich

And a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and creme.

Snow Farm Oatmeal

This morning Newell, Simi Hamilton and I did a classic speed workout. We did it as rolling speeds. We skied six laps of a two kilometer loop. Each loop had three speed stations, 100 meter sections that had a coned start and finish. We ski each of the speeds almost as fast as possible. Newell and Sim are two of the fastest 100 meter skiers in the world. I got blown out of the water, especially in the double pole station. It is an awesome opportunity for me to get to follow them in a workout like that. Here they are (Newell on the left) taking a drink after the session.

Andy Newell and Simi Hamilton New Zealand

The lodge we stay in adjacent to the trails is owned and operated by the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds, a winter car and tire testing site for international automakers. One of the companies is putting on a “driving experience” where non-professionals get to come test their products on the snow and ice tracks. It looked like a ton of fun!

Snow Farm Auto Experience